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Kavo 6 Hole, Multiflex LUX, LED Type Coupler. Features Quick Connect, Swivel, and a 1 Year Warranty. Kavo model # 460LED. OEM P/N 1007.3201

6 Hole KAVO Multiflex LUX LED Type Coupler

  • Product Code 2000119
    Compatible Brand MultiFLEX
    Compatible OEM Model 460LED
    Compatible OEM P/N 1007.3201
    Tubing Hole# 6
    Quick Connect Yes
    Swivel Yes
    CSA Approval Yes
    FDA Registered Yes
    Bulb Single P/N 1000801 (Halogen) or 1000850 (LED)
    Bulb 3 Pack P/N 1000802 (Halogen) or 1000851 (LED)
    Weight 20 Grams / 0.7 Ounces
    Length 8.5 cm
    Warranty 1 Year
    Available In Canada & USA
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