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Ultra access head, single-port water spray, push button autochuck

bur release.  


Compare to KaVo™ 635, 642.


NON-Optic $425/ Optic $600


1 year limited warranty


VECTOR Ultra Access Head to fit KaVo Multiflex™

  • Traditional Design

    Whether you are looking to replace your Midwest Quiet-Air or Tradition highspeeds or older KaVo models like the 640B or the 642B, the Vector F-series is a great choice!


    Traditional styling, grip and feel make for a seamless and easy transition to the F-Series.


    Exceptional Value

    In 2001 Vector introduced the F5 highspeed handpiece. While there have been improvements and upgrades along the way, we are still offering this handpiece under $400.00 - the same price range it was over 10 years ago.


    If you are looking for a great handpiece with the perfect combination of power, torque, ultra-smooth-concentric performance and long lasting durability, with a traditional feel....... Look no further than the Vector F-Series highspeeds.


    High-performance available quick-connect swivel

    Connects directly to your existing KaVo Multiflex™ swivel couplers.  

    Fiberoptic (with light) or Non-Optic (without light) are both available with a swivel connector for quick and easy removal for sterilization between patients.

    Reduce tubing drag and increase office efficiency - a must for every busy dental office!

  • If your office is in the San Antonio and surrounding area, we will deliver to you for FREE.  If not, we will ship to you.  We ship using USPS Priority and ground.  Shipping charges can vary depending on your location.


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